Testimonial from Simon Baker

“I knew when I started my barn conversion that getting the lighting right was not going to be easy. I had lots of ideas from magazines & websites, architects & a look in my head that I wanted to achieve but found it difficult to articulate.

Growing up lighting seemed so simple, there were fittings & either a screw fit or bayonet bulb. Now however, there were LEDs, halogens, fittings, engines, drivers just to start with. It has become a very specialised field which only a seasoned professional can truly navigate.”

“I knew what good lighting looked like from favourite hotels I had visited but no idea how it was achieved. Lighting is ephemeral, when it’s good it gives you a great sense of wellbeing but you don’t really notice how it’s achieved.

I approached several companies but didn’t feel confident that they understood my vision or had the skill or experience to realise it. A friend of mine mentioned JCL, “they are the best!” he said, so I arranged to go to one of Sally’s lectures.

Within minutes I knew JCL were different. As I sat through Sally’s lecture I realised that finally I had found a team as passionate & excited about lighting design as I was. It felt like Sally had been eavesdropping on my wish list. Slide on slide was a smorgasbord of the ideas I’d been collecting in my scrapbook! I could tell all the things I wanted to achieve were a well-trodden path for the team.

I was incredibly excited & fixed up to meet Rebecca Hutchison, one of their senior lighting designers.

I arrived clutching my scrapbook of ideas & spent an exhilarating session going through my vision with Rebecca. Rebecca was absolutely fantastic. She quickly assimilated all of my ideas, guiding & suggesting solutions for all of the elements I wanted to use. From the off I felt she completely understood my vision. She was as passionate about realising my vision as I was and I hugely enjoyed our creative sessions together.

I returned & she took me through the design she had prepared in detail. Skilfully Rebecca had brought together my vision & ideas into a cohesive, consistent design, ensuring colour temperatures were complementary alongside a flexible range of options to match my budget.

All the expertise I lacked she filled with the confidence and experience only years of working at the top of your profession can provide.

Armed with her considered design I had complete confidence it would work within the spaces, maximising & enhancing my project in line with my vision.

Proof reading Rebecca’s detailed designs later, to be honest I expected to find a few minor errors. There were none. The material supplied throughout the project has been 100% accurate. It is truly a rare thing these days to find creatives with an eagle eye for detail too.

She liaised seamlessly with my electrician, architects & kitchen designer to ensure compatibility & understanding across the board.

Nothing was too much trouble. She went away & researched options & delivered solutions that exceeded my expectations.

My electrician was delighted that all the fittings came organised by room carefully labelled and packaged.

We are now just starting to install the fittings & they look absolutely superb. They are consistently of the highest quality & my electrician is effusive in his praise.

I have no doubt that the results will be out of this world but as someone who doesn’t usually put pen to paper to write reviews, I have done so because in short they really are this good!

I should in closing say I am not a city banker on a six figure salary & the total build cost for my project is under £300k. Cullen’s can deliver fantastic solutions for everyone’s budget.

Working with Rebecca & the team has truly been a pleasure & a privilege. I could not have wished for more & they have exceeded my expectations throughout. They have empowered my vision and brought it to reality with a professional ease that is truly worth its weight in gold!”