Rako Wired

The Rako wired system is the option for customers who prefer a cabled network. It offers LED backlit buttons with the option for custom etching and ultimately can cope with the largest of projects.
Using CAT5 cabling, system components are wired either as a daisy chain network or star arrangement using the RAK-STAR box.


  • Circuits are wired to a central location or a number of hubs, linked together on the network and connected to appropriate RAK-4 packs which include the silent transistorised RAK-4T, RAK-4F for 0-10V, DSI, DALI or switch control. The RAK-4R is available for curtain and blind control and colour changing can be incorporated using Rako DMX or LED control packs.
  • User controls, including wall-plates, PIRs, time-clocks and system interfaces are added to the network and programmed from a PC or Mac connected via Wi-Fi to a Bridge unit. Adding a WTC Bridge to the system gives access to timed events, ‘Holiday Mode’, dawn/dusk programming and advanced macros and mapping features.
  • End users can then program scenes for events such as breakfast, lunch and dinner from a smartphone or tablet providing total user control.
  • Customisation of the panel is available.

Available options for number of buttons: 2, 3, 6, 7 and 10.

Contact our sales team for more information on the Rako Wired product.

Set-up and commissioning costs can be included in the price.

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