Conservatory Lighting Tips

6 tips to light your conservatory by Sally Storey

Conservatories can be great additions to your home, but it is important to get the conservatory lighting right.  A conservatory is flooded with light during the day and in contrast can be like a dark hole at night.  Magical as the sun sets, but at night all the glazing becomes like a mirror – one can feel like a goldfish in a goldfish bowl!  Here our are top conservatory lighting ideas:

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1.  The first and most important solution for your conservatory lighting is to light something beyond ie the garden as this takes ones eye out beyond the glass. This is really where the key investment should be made.  Ideally light some planting close to the glazing and then something beyond. To get the most out of lighting the garden, it is important that the conservatory lighting is lit to a lower level to minimise reflections.

Conservatory Lighting tips; conservatory lighting

2. Using your conservatory as a second living room, I always consider having a 5amp circuit as this can be used for lamps or even to plug in uplights under huge planted pots.

conservatory lighting tips; conservatory lighting

3. Consider as well concealing small spotlights like the Minos or even smaller Syon behind the structure to light artwork and potentially the centre of a coffee table or piece of art on the wall. Sometimes a wire system could be used to stretch across and provide the spotlight element.

Conservatory - low res

4. For dinner parties, a fitting with a narrow beam over a dining table makes all the difference when combined with candles. In large conservatories, hanging a decorative lantern can often provide a visual focus but this should always be dimmed to not distract from the garden beyond.

conservatory lighting; conservatory lighting tips

5. Combine large decorative pendants with shafts of uplight from 1w Lucca uplights. Consider adding planting in front of them to throw them into silhouette and create interesting patterns on the ceiling. If you are not starting from scratch, simply use a plug-in Square Highlight to create the same effect.

Uplighting in Conservatory Lighting scheme

6. A simple tip is to always put your lighting on a dimmer switch to ensure that you can change the mood to suit the occasion.

To ensure that your conservatory lighting looks its best, employ a John Cullen Lighting Designer.