Bedroom Lighting Tips

By Design Director, Sally Storey

bedroom lighting;

This article will give you some top bedroom lighting ideas, tips and light fittings to make the most of this much loved room.

Bedroom lighting needs to be bright in the morning and intimate and atmospheric at night to provide a romantic sanctuary at the end of the day. Traditionally in hotels, the solution has been two lamps either side of the bed and maybe a standard lamp or desk lamp.  For small rooms, this may have been adequate but other solutions will add drama and atmosphere to your bedroom lighting design.

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Bedroom Lighting tips

By lighting the front of your wardrobes with discreet LED Polespring downlights, light will be reflected into the room making it look larger.  When the doors are open, the light will also help light the inside of the cupboard. For a more discreet effect conceal Contour LED strip behind a baffle vertically either side inside of the cupboard to evenly light the shelving areas.

Bedroom lighting design

Localised lamps provide the best sort of background lighting,  In most bedrooms it works well to have one lamp either side of the bed and at least one or two others.  A standard lamp by a chair or a pair of lamps on a dressing table give soft background light and are perfect when combined with the LED Polespring for highlights.

cama bedside reading light

When lighting your bedroom, there is nothing more annoying than not having a good reading light.  Sometimes a bedside lamp is sufficient to read by but a dedicated reading light, such as an LED Cama is a better solution allowing your partner to sleep undisturbed.  If you cannot build this in now, the Pocket of Light provides the perfect plug-in solution for your bedroom lighting.

bedroom lighting in joinery

Incorporating bedroom lighting into joinery is a perfect way to add feature lighting into the room.  Consider using LED Eyelid Under Cupboard Lights into shelving to light objects or use LED Contour strip under a bedside table to create a floating effect.

Night lights can take many forms; a floor washer, such as the 1w LED Oslo works well near the entrance to the bathroom or under a cabinet or use LED Contour under the bed to create a floating effect.

For a bit of fun for children’s bedroom lighting, consider a starlight ceiling above the bed (ask for details of our fibre optics).  If there are recessed wall niches, one could consider a colour change effect using RGB Contour.

Control usually works best with simple dimmer switches controlling each circuit or mood lighting to select individual scenes.  Scenes could include day time/cleaning setting, early evening with soft mood lighting or night time usually offering separate controls for the task light.

Polestar downlight for use in bedroom lighting Mira shallow LED downlight for use in bedroom lighting Fazer miniature LED downlight for bedroom lighting CONtour HD LED strip for bedroom Lighting Eyelid Undercupboard Light for bedroom lighting joinery Freestanding bedside light for reading

Why not employ a John Cullen lighting designer to maximise the potential of your bedroom lighting?

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