Bathroom Lighting Tips

By Sally Storey, Design Director

Good bathroom lighting can change the look and feel of a bathroom at the flick of a switch.  Here we will give you some top bathroom lighting tips and ideas to ensure you make the most of your bathroom with great interior lighting.

First you will need to assess your bathroom lighting needs: Think about when you use the bathroom and how much natural daylight is there?  Do you want mood bathroom lighting?  Which features do you want to enhance, and where will you need task lighting to see really clearly?

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Bathroom lighting

Ensure your mirrors are lit in the most flattering way:  Around the mirror is the obvious area for task lighting.  It is most flattering when the face is lit evenly from either side.  Two or more Bari Lights (as shown above) or Bathroom Lights (as shown right) are a perfect way to achieve good bathroom lighting.

mirror and bathroom lighting

Ensure all your bathroom lighting is specifically designed for the bathroom: Check that the IP rating of the fitting is appropriate to the “zone” it is located in.  For example, lights fitted inside a shower will require a higher IP rating than general overhead lighting.  Use the new LED IP rated bathroom fitting, the Waterspring, is perfect to skim light down the back wall of a shower or bath version for a low energy effect.

freestanding bathroom lighting

Think about feature lighting to create atmosphere: Consider using Contour HD27, a bathroom rated LED strip light, in niches or back-light an opaque bath panel.  This could even be colour changing if you use the LED strip Contour RGB version. Alternatively use 1w LED Lucca uplights behind the bath to create a dramatic bathroom lighting effect.

master bathroom lighting

Think about night lights: Consider using low level 1w Cazallas or Oslos to create a floor wash.  Alternatively use an IP Rated LED Contour HD27 strip under a basin.  These could come on automatically if a PIR (presence detector) is fitted.

To ensure you have the best bathroom lighting at different times of day, it is essential to be able to control it on different circuits:  With three circuits, you can control low level on a PIR and the other two on rotary dimmers.  For the master bathroom, you can create more impact with a Grafik Eye preset scene control system.  This is ideal for controlling upwards of four circuits.  Each mood is perfectly set at the touch of a button (without having to adjust any knobs).

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Bathroom mirror light John Cullen Lighting Art Deco Style Wilton Bathroom Light John Cullen Lighting Handmade Penne IP Rated Bathroom light John Cullen Lighting Handmade Grissini IP Rated Bathroom Mirror Light John Cullen Lighting Waterspring IP Rated LED Downlight John Cullen Lighting Aquabeam IP Rated Bathroom ceiling LED downlight John Cullen Lighting Bari-Bathroom-Light-John-Cullen-Lighting Oslo Exterior IP Rated LED Floorwasher Contour HD IP Rated LED Strip

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