Good shelf lighting adds depth and interest to any room.  With the arrival of LEDs, the products are smaller than ever before so easier to conceal.

Initially the shelves are simply lit with low glare Polespring downlights (Scene 1).  These lights provides a wash of light to the front but do not do much more.

Scene 2 is where it all happens.  The shelves are lit from the front with LED Contour to create impact in the shelves themselves.  You will notice the two different colour temperatures of products used – 2700 Kelvin strip on the left hand side and 2400Kelvin on the right hand side.  See what a difference it makes!  In addition two Skinny wall lights are added to add a strong architectural up/down lighting effect and individual objects are lit with LED Footlights from the front and LED Under Cupboard Lights from above.

In the final scene (Scene 3), the shelves are now backlit with Contour LED strip, throwing the objects into silhouette.  This creates a strong effect and really adds impact to the shelving.

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