When considering roof terrace lighting for her own home, our Design Director Sally approached the scheme as she would with a client which is to think about what your final use would be for the space.  For Sally, she wanted this space to feel like an outdoor room so she designed a scheme using layered lighting as she would with an interior room.

A feature is made of the over-sized planters by lighting either side of them with the 1w External Lucca uplights which throws them into silhouette and emphasises their form.  The planting is also lit but from above with our new Syon directional spotlight fixed at high level on the trellis.  Two Syons, either side of the seating area on the right, cast further light across the seating area.

A floating effect under the coffee table is created by using Contour HD27X fixed to the underside adding a glow at low level in the space.  This same fitting is used to uplight the balustrade in the background creating a feature of it.

Finally the finishing touch for the roof terrace lighting, the addition of kinetic energy in the form of the fire and candles on the table are added to create the perfect outdoor scene.

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