Open Plan Kitchen Lighting

When considering open plan kitchen lighting, it is important to get the lighting right as with LED lighting, your selection of light fittings will be around longer than with tungsten halogen.

The first thing to do is to divide it into areas ie sitting, dining and kitchen and look at how you would light each “room’  separately.  In Scene 1, the open plan kitchen and the rest of the room are evenly lit.  This is an ideal general scene for this open plan kitchen lighting. By using lighting controls, each effect is individually controlled to create ideal scenes throughout the space to suit its use.  Scene 2 is set up for when you are just working in the kitchen and Scene 3 for when you have prepared your food and are dining. This is the key to setting the mood and if budget allows, a pre-set system is ideal as at the touch of a button, the lighting will readjust to the pre-set setting to suit; day, early evening and dining.

You will notice that a feature is made of the central pillar by using Lucca uplights to graze light up the side.  At high level Mini Starlights in the upstand of the pitched ceiling add an element of sparkle at high level.  The two seating areas to the right and the left in the foreground again are set with lighting scenes to compliment the space.

To extend the feeling of space, we lit just outside the structure adding pools of light onto the paving below.

Open plan kitchen lighting is difficult to get right but with the help of one of John Cullen’s lighting designers you can ensure that you maximise the space for year’s of enjoyment in this room which is at the heart of the home.
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