For this home cinema lighting scheme, our designers have taken a layered lighting approach that not only adds drama to the space but also is flexible for different uses.

This basement space is framed with Metal Square up/downlights on one wall and Lucca uplights on the other which emphasise the curved wall.  The centre of the room is cross lit with four Polespring LEDs, which add intimacy to the space when the lights are dimmed.  Decorative lamps with silk shades produce a diffuse soft light which works well as a localised light. In the ceiling, a circular coffer is lit using our Contour HD27 strip.  The coffer also incorporates an RGB strip which creates a colour changing effect when used as can be seen in Scene 2 and 3.

To create ideal scenes for home cinema lighting which can be changed from your iPad or Iphone, use a pre-set scene control.  This is the finishing touch on the room to ensure a wonderful flexible environment for your film watching at home.

As you would expect from this high-end residential home cinema lighting scheme, the room contains surround sound and a drop down projector and screen all controlled at the touch of a button.

To ensure you make the most of your cinema room, why not ask one of our lighting designers to design a creative light scheme for you to suit your interiors.
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