As a working area, country kitchen lighting needs to work hard to create a good level of general lighting.  Well-positioned task lighting over the sink, hob and work surfaces is also essential.

Here a Plaster Slim uplight and LED Contour above the cabinets provide good general light and LED Luccas provide downlight over the Aga.  To create impact, the lighting designer has bought into play accent lighting and mood effects at night.  This is used when the task lighting is off and general lighting dimmed.  At low level, 1w LED Cazallas wash light across the floor.  At high level LED Minos spotlights provide task lighting to the kitchen island.

Dimmers are essential to help create the mood and allow the country kitchen lighting to work from day to night.  These could be regular rotary dimmers or the ultimate preset mood control. In each case the lighting effects need to be considered and controlled separately.

Whatever the shape of the room, you need to consider the activities that are going to take place and find kitchen lighting solutions for each ie cooking, dining and even, if a large open plan areas, children’s homework and relaxing.

To ensure you make the most of your country kitchen lighting, why not ask one of our lighting designers to design a creative light scheme for you to suit your interiors.
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