Barn lighting is not easy to get right especially in beamed buildings where there is nowhere to recess light fittings or there are double height almost cathedral like volumes.  This renovated barn is a superb example of what good barn lighting should look like.  Here contemporary lighting effects have been designed to celebrate the space by using concealed lighting to emphasise the details.

This barn has a wonderful structure offering fabulous opportunities for barn lighting. LED Eden’s are concealed on the top of the main beam to uplight the structure showing off the volume and pitch to great effect. Small Minos spotlights mounted on the side of a beam light the centre of the coffee table and provide in fill light to the large space. Elements of uplight is added with 1w LED Luccas uplighting the panelling and niches along with LED Contour is concealed above the panelling to uplight the brick work.To add the final drama to the barn lighting, the shelves are back-lit with LED Contour.  All the barn lighting is controlled by a pre-set scene system, so the mood changes at the touch of a button.

Country barn lighting is difficult to get right as each one is unique but with the help of one of John Cullen’s lighting designers you can ensure that you maximise the space and create a wonderful home.
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