Front Door Lighting Ideas

Great lighting at the front of your house not only provides a warm welcome for guests, but will also ensure that you can see to put your key in the lock. Here are our top front door lighting ideas to ensure that you create the right impression and improve your curb appeal.

Light travels and long way at night especially in the country so do use lighting selectively. Darkness can also be used to great effect to conceal any less attractive areas. A big don’t is to avoid security lights which are glary and will wash the space with too much harsh light.

  • 1.A lantern either side of the door creates a welcoming effect or add a hanging lantern if there is a porch. Whichever solution, these lighting elements are best dimmed and combined with some other concealed architectural lighting features such as Lucca uplights to the door surrounds or lighting of steps.

  • 2.In a more contemporary scheme, a good solution is to use a more architectural lighting such as up/downlights. For a more dramatic look if you have planting either side of the door, combine this with an element of backlighting which will throw the planting into silhouette.

  • 3.For a townhouse, adding an element of uplight around the door creates a welcoming effect. Here four Lucca Externals provide the uplighting effect combined with Sirolo fittings washing light across the floor. This uplighting effect is then continued across to the front window.

  • 4.For a country house, if you have a porch, add Waterspring downlights in the soffit to wash light down the front door. Combine this with an element of uplight such as adding 1w spiked Kew spotlights to planting to create a more interesting look.

  • 5.Consider how the whole front of the house will look as you drive in. Here the porch is again downlit with Waterspring downlights but has the addition of Kensington spiked spotlights which uplight the two fern trees and the facade of the building.

  • 6.A great idea for around the front door is to overscale whether with pendants or in this case pots. These large pots provide a great focal point. We have lit them with low glare Lucca External uplights to add to the drama and the planting beyond is lit with Hampton floodlights.