Dinner Party Lighting Tips

The essential ingredient after food and company that contribute to a successful dinner party is the mood, and this is best controlled by the interior lighting.

The impact of lighting cannot be underestimated, a totally undecorated space can be made to be moody as lighting can focus on what we want to see and conceal what we don’t. A beautifully decorated house can be a disaster if badly lit too bright and no lighting control. The key for successful dinner party lighting is to create drama focus on the table with a 10° warm white LED to highlight flowers using for example the Polespring LED. Lighting artwork and potentially focusing light on features, whether a textured wall or a piece of art.

  • 1.Put your lights on a control system that allows you to dim the lights and have them on different circuits the light on the centre of a table, separate to decorative lights and separate from any feature lighting. By having a variety of effects, it is easier to change the mood.

  • 2.Decorative lighting such as chandeliers and wall lights can add warmth to the room and create a more intimate setting. If there are no decorative lights, consider uplighting behind a banquette using Contour HD24. This soft uplight will provide an indirect source instead.

  • 3.Don’t forget candles, these provide an unbeatable softness and dynamic appeal. If your dining table is under a skylight, add lighting around the upstand to create a twinkling effect above the table.

  • Wharf Dining Lighting

    4.Avoid grids of downlights. Be careful where you position these. Choose a narrow beam Polespring over the centre of a table and never over one’s head.

  • 5.Avoid decorative lights that are non-dimmable or using a cold LED light source which does not match the rest of your lighting. With both of these, creating a moody inviting scene for the evening will be difficult. Complimentary light levels as seen here provide a harmonious environment.

  • shelf lighting in dining room

    6.Avoid only one light source as it is difficult to create a mood i.e. just pendants or just downlights. Good lighting requires a variety of effects. Here shelves are lit with Contour HD27 to provide a soft background glow whilst the centre of the table is lit with narrow beam Polespring downlights.