Downlighting is an excellent tool to use for highlighting features in your home but correct positioning of downlights is key to their success. They should be kept in a minimum, each should have a purpose and they should never placed in a grid.

  • pinspotting the centre of a coffee table

    1.Pin spotting coffee or dining tables

    Downlights are an excellent tool to add atmosphere and drama to a room by lighting the centre of a coffee or dining table.  Use a narrow beam to either pin spot or use two downlights to cross light.

  • washing light down curtains

    2.Washing light down curtains

    Use downlights to wash light down the front of your curtains so that they can be seen at night. This will provide a soft reflected light back into the room.

  • use downlighting to highlight flowers

    3.Highlight flowers or objects

    Downlights are an excellent way of showing off flowers or objects which you love.  This will give them a sparkle at night.

  • downlighting over kitchen island

    4.Task lighting over kitchen island

    Task lighting is important in the kitchen and downlights provide an excellent way to provide this.  Use them over a kitchen island, over your work surfaces or to wash light down the front of cupboards.

  • shafts of light down back of the shower


    Never position downlights in a grid as all you will achieve is a bland wash of light.  Also avoid placing them over people’s heads.  Instead position the fittings for the light at hand.

  • 6.Get the look

    We offer a range of downlights to suit your requirements from smaller fitting such as the Fazer or Polespring 40 to more powerful fittings such as the Polespring 50 or 50+.  Alternative versions include IP rated versions, the Aquabeam and Waterspring or Square versions either Trim or Trimless or single or double.