Garden Lighting Masterclass

We are running a series of Garden Lighting Masterclasses for trade professionals to help make their gardens appear magical at night.

Presented by Luke Thomas (Design Director), the garden lighting masterclass will be held at the London Showroom. This cutting edge space shows the latest in lighting technology revealed through “The John Cullen Garden” and a unique custom-built lighting pod.

Each lighting masterclass also provides an opportunity to discover clever lighting tips that give richness and depth to any living space and look at the energy efficient lighting options now available.

The masterclass will start with a practical demonstration of the diverse visual effects that can be achieved. A presentation of John Cullen projects will follow, bringing design schemes and fittings to life and showing how they work in situ. The lighting masterclass will conclude with an open question and answer session.

Unfortunately we do not have anymore events on this masterclass for the rest of the year however if you would like to pop into our showroom to have a Garden Demonstration please do so.

Garden masterclass banner