Are you still using halogen products?

20 / 02 / 2017


The European Commission has ruled that halogen mains lamps will be phased out from September 2018.

Why switch to LEDs now?
Not only will switching to an LED engine save you money in the long run but a JCL LED engine will also last up to 25 times longer than your halogen installation.

50mm GU10  

Halogen Installation:
Typical lifetime is up to 2,000 hours

Polestar LED

JCL Engines:
Typical lifetime is up to 50,000* hours when installed correctly

* Please refer to the product datasheets


 How much will LEDs save you

Halogen consumption – 3930W
LED consumption – 627W
Yearly cost savings – £302*

How much will LEDs save you

Halogen consumption – 5880W
LED consumption – 958W
Yearly cost savings – £450*

LED savings on a big house

Halogen consumption – 18540W
LED consumption – 2729W
Yearly cost savings – £1,434*

* Example calculation based on 2.5 hours usage per day, electricity costs over a year based on 10p/kWh


Converting to LED takes more than just changing the halogen lamp like for like. Good quality and reliable LED lighting involves a bit more thought.

When changing to LED, you will need to consider the overall lighting design, system compatibility and dimming with your lighting controls.

At John Cullen Lighting, we can help you create the ideal LED solution to ensure your lighting has the dimming performance you have come to expect.

We offer an end-to-end solution from lighting design services to the supply of LED fittings, drivers, lighting controls and technical services.


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