Product Insight: Riena

28 / 09 / 2015

What was the original concept behind the Riena?

For the Riena, we wanted to expand our step light family which currently consists of the Lucca, Cazalla, Luccini and Oslo lightfittings. The aim was to develop a product which aesthetically matches the Lucca, however to produces an asymmetric light effect. The development included designing interchangeable accessories that enable us to mimic the light effects of our Siena and Riva wall lights. Another key focus was to see if we could create a product that used common components with our Lucca luminaire to increase manufacturing efficiency and thus a streamlined stock holding. To achieve consistency in light quality through the range, we have used the same LED chip in our Lucca and other luminaires in that family.


What makes it different from other fittings?

For both the Lucca and Riena, we have used a new assembly method that negates the need for silicone sealing. To do this we developed a new method of mechanical compression.

What special technology has been used?

State-of-the-art LED optic technology has been used to project light in the most efficient way to the required surface or object. We believe that Riena offers the best solution for illuminating stairwells, steps and low level Objet D’art.

Riena - Full Product

Were there any problems that you had to overcome?

The biggest challenge was perfecting the new assembly method that would not just pass one off independent testing but was also consistent so there would be no failures through our 100% test QA process. We are committed to fully testing our light fittings so we are delivering the best in class product to our clients.

Why should people use this product?

Riena allows users to asymmetrically light a surface or object using a recessed flat fronted luminaire. Our attention to detail through development and manufacture enable us to create a product that is both aesthetically and technically best in class.

Can you describe the Riena in 3 words?

Directing light efficiently.

led step light;LED steplight; floor washer

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