Product Insight: Lucca

09 / 12 / 2015

What was the original thinking/concept behind the Lucca?

The Lucca is a miniature uplighter that has been part of the John Cullen range for a number of years now and was developed to support our lighting design philosophy by using the best components to achieve high quality light. The Lucca uplight was designed to be the signature product of our uplight range for internal and external use. We wanted to design an uplight which would become an iconic and essential member within our uplight family whilst complimenting other members’ unique features. Lucca has gone through a number of iterations in its lifetime as part of our continual goal to ensure we are offering the best solution to our clients.


What makes it different from other fittings including the Riena?

There are many products on the market that seem similar to Lucca however utilising the numerous years of experience of our Lighting Designs Studio and Product Design team, alongside the highest quality LED chips and optics, we believe we offer the best in class luminaire. The Lucca has been designed to offer the cleanest of beams in two beam angles (8° and 30°). This stunning effect is complemented by an integral de-glaring baffle and glare guard option, so the product illuminates as desired. It should be said that the Lucca and Riena complement each other by allowing for a range of effects to be achieved from a product family which has a common aesthetic. The Lucca can also be used as a step light and even a downlight, especially good in cornice applications.

What special technology has been used?

The Lucca uses the same mechanical compression technology as used in the Riena meaning that we don’t use any silicon. It also uses the same range of glare cowls as in the Riena that sit behind the glass for best performance.


Were there any problems that you had to overcome?

Maintaining the quality of the light of the previous Lucca generation but including the new technology such as mechanical sealing method of the glass.

Why should people use this product?

We believe that the Lucca is the best recessed miniature uplight available on the market.

Can you describe the Lucca in 3 words?

Delicately uplighting proficiently.