Product Insight: Guida

10 / 02 / 2016

Our product designer, Matt Healey, explains the concept, development and characteristics of our new external indicator light, the Guida.

What was the original thinking/concept behind the Guida?

We had a very successful product for a number of years called the Button, we decided that this needed an upgrade. The aim of the project was to make the product more efficient, have a higher light output and reduce its size. It has been reduced by 40mm, over half of the original Button. We wanted to still offer two single or double faceted options.

What makes it different from other fittings?

We have used an optic rather than a reflector for more efficient beam control. A bespoke plastic cover designed for the Guida for ease of maintenance i.e. cleaning the facets which is key for an exterior fitting. This cover is also key in the mechanical compression to achieve the required IP rating.

Were there any problems that you had to overcome?

Yes, however we did enjoy the challenge of adding increased functionality into a smaller form factor.

Why should people use this product?

It is less intrusive compared to other fittings on the market whilst still offering great light output. With smaller size opens a door to more applications. Bronze and stainless

Can you describe the Guida in 3 words?

Compact, discreet yet impactful

Read the application guide for the Guida here.

For full product information click here.