Product Insight: Carella


What was the original thinking/concept behind the Carella?

We wanted to bridge the gap between our functional spiked garden range, such as the Kensington and Kew, and our new decorative garden range and develop a product which would give more of an atmospheric feeling to the garden. Unusually for a John Cullen Lighting products, it is the light source that you look at rather than just the effect. The purpose of it is to discreetly light foliage and low level planting whilst imitating a candle effect.

Carella Development1

Were there any problems that you had to overcome?

Achieving the unique light effect yet creating a functional product yet achieving required aesthetic.


Why should people use this product?

The Carella is a unique way to add a wash of light to planting as well as providing a magical candle light effect.  Discreet in the day, at night it delivers a warm 1W of light.


Lighting design tips for the Carella?

The Carella will look great when placed in groups, for example a cluster of three in an area of planting. It will also look wonderful along a path to light your way.  It is a versatile fitting being suitable for modern contemporary town houses as well as traditional country houses.


Additional product details

The standard height will be the same as the Kew and the Hampton, 500mm. There is also an option of having an added extension pole of 500mm which will raise it to 1000mm.

Carella Development3

Can you describe the Carella in 3 words?

Delicate, atmospheric and sophisticated

Carella by John Cullen Lighting

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