Colour Consistent LED Lighting

29 / 01 / 2013

Colour consistency of LEDs is crucial for a successful end result on all lighting projects and can be the hardest element to achieve.  At John Cullen, we have been developing our family of LED lighting products to ensure they offer the best colour consistency available.

As you will see below lesser quality and cheaper fittings will use LEDs that have huge colour variation from product to product and will affect the final look of the project.

John Cullen works closely with LED chip manufacturers to specify the very best chips to guarantee that you get both colour consistency and high colour rendering (CRI).

LEDs are grouped or binned according to their colour and quality. Previously these have been collated into four separate bins ie 1/4 segments.  However new technology allows us to select LEDs from a single 1/16th bin as shown below.

For complete consistency, each John Cullen LED lighting product is now labelled with the exact bin and grouped accordingly when distributed for confident specification.

The CRI of all our fittings are typically over 95%, achieving the very best colour rendition too.

This website is continually updated to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date technical information for our LED lighting and to the most recent projects for design inspiration.

To see the full LED lighting range, click here and enjoy specifying LEDs with confidence with the new John Cullen binning capabilities.