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Our Vorsa Port spotlight is a versatile easy click and fit surface mounted directional spotlight. The luminaire head is interchangeable allowing for ease of changing to other beam widths and even a different size Vorsa head.

This fitting is ideal for use for exhibitions, art galleries and key areas of the home and is perfect for use on beams and concrete ceilings where recessed fittings are unsuitable.

Note: Image shows with pluggable head and base. Different bases are available which come in either Mini, Medium or Plaster-In which are sold separately.

Our family of energy efficient Contour HD LED strip lights produce a High Density light with a choice of two colour temperatures.

The Contour HD27 produces an attractive warm light of 2700K, while our Contour HD24 gives you a warm white light of 2400K.

As well as a CRI of more than 90, our Contour HD strips have more closely grouped LEDs producing a less “dotty” light with a higher definition. The strips have a high light output at a great efficiency of 495 Lm/m giving a minimum of 49.5 Lm/w/m.

They can be easily cut to size with 5cm cut points, making them easier to install.

For an exterior 2700K strip, take a look at our HDX27 Contour Strip.