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The Guida is an exterior in-ground LED indicator light producing a low glare light across the ground.

It is ideal for multiple uses including exterior landscaping and marine applications by lighting the edge of pathways, steps or decking.

It has a miniature profile whilst emitting a 2700K warm white beam of light at 1W.

This Indicator light is available in a single or double facet and two finishes; either marine grade listed stainless steel or the new naval brass, which will age beautifully over time.

The Riena LED outdoor steplight is a versatile angled step light which produces an angled beam of warm white LED light which is discreet and low glare.

The fitting can be tailored to meet your exact requirements with the addition of glare cowls to change the beam width. Suitable for marine lighting.

For more inspiration with LED steplights, see our project showcase or visit our showroom for a demonstration.

Click here for internal Riena LED steplight version.

The Contour RGBX is a colour changing external RGB LED light strip.

This versatile linear external RGB LED strip light is ideal for creating an impact when a colour changing effect is required in a wet areas or a garden.

If you are unsure of the IP Zones in a bathroom, take a look at our handy guide: Bathroom IP Rating and Zones.

The LED Torino is an interior and exterior uplight which can be used to create uplighting effects to columns, arches, walls etc. Particularly suitable for skimming light over stone or wooden steps. Suitable for areas of light pedestrian traffic and marine lighting.  It also can be used in wet environments such as a bathroom.

For a smaller LED uplight, see the Lucca or Luccini.

This external LED uplight can be used as an uplight or recessed into a wall to provide a wash of light along paths or steps and is ideal for use in wet areas such as a bathroom or for marine lighting. It is also suitable to create a wash of light up low level walls, and across decking or patios.

The LED lamp in this external LED uplight is set back from the lamp front to reduce glare.

The Lucca LED uplight is also available as an internal version.

NB: This fitting has a new cut-out of 47mm.

This miniature LED floodlight is suitable for highlighting a pathway or angled towards shrubs and walls for soft wash of light to planting.

The fittings colour and size ensures it disappears into planting.