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Launching our new Syon, a miniature interior/exterior spotlight which is ideal for use both inside the home and out. Its diminuitive size makes it easy to conceal yet it packs a punch with a narrow beam of warm white light. Using a 1w 2700K LED, it is an energy efficient way to add pinspots of light to interior and exterior features.

The Syon can be used in areas where you can’t recess fittings such as concrete ceilings or beams in a barn. Being IP55, this versatile fitting can be used outside to spotlight a table, planting or skimming light down a wall or trellis

To learn more about the development and concept of this product, read our Product Insight to the Syon here.

Visit our Project Showcase for inspiration.

The Carella, a decorative outdoor garden candle light, is ideal for use in the garden and produces a 360° atmospheric light whilst being used to discreetly light foliage and low level planting whilst creating a glowing candle effect.

The Carella outdoor garden candle light looks great when placed in groups, for example a cluster of three in an area of planting. It also looks wonderful along a path to light your way and is a versatile fitting being suitable for modern contemporary town houses as well as traditional country houses.

To find out more about the development and concept of this product, read our Product Insight to the Carella here, or why not take a look at our product insight video, click here to view the video.

Our Eden Wall Washer uses a deep black baffle to reduce glare. This fitting is ideal for use in areas such as living areas, hallways, kitchens and dining rooms, as well as other key areas of the home and is ideal for use on beams and concrete ceilings where recessed fittings are unsuitable.

The Eden Wall Washer can be angled up to 90 degrees and rotated a full 360 degrees.

For inspiration with wall washers please see our project showcase.

The Starliter is a tubular pendant which is perforated to create a soft twinkling effect when hung in a tree or shrub.

Individually supplied with a 1 metre chain these fittings can be suspended from trees or pergolas.

They look best when hung in a group of three of differing sizes.