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The Portobello is a discreet spiked garden light fitting is ideal to subtly light foliage and low-level planting with a radiant 360° wash of light. Its unique design with a mushroom-like cap provides a warm, low glare illumination effect and disappears into the planting.

Using a 2W 2700K LED, it is an energy efficient way to add a soft illumination of warm white light to your garden. With a ground spike it is easy to install. Once installed, the Portobello will become an integral part of your garden without the need of reinstalling it seasonally, as it withstands extreme temperatures.

This LED garden floodlight is suitable for highlighting a pathway or angled towards shrubs and walls for soft wash of light to planting.

The fittings colour and size ensures it disappears into planting.

This LED garden spotlight is suitable for highlighting any feature or shrub in a patio or garden. The green colour and small size of the fitting ensures it disappears into planting.

This miniature exterior LED spotlight is suitable for highlighting any feature or shrub.

The colour and size of the fitting ensures it disappears into planting.

The Sirolo Steplight is an energy efficient square LED step light providing low glare lighting at low level to stair treads and corridors or can be recessed upside down at high level as an uplight.

For inspiration with LED steplights please see our project showcase or visit our showroom for a demonstration and details of our lighting design service.

The Sirolo LED steplight is suitable for use outside or in wet areas.

The Cazalla² is an energy efficient LED miniature steplight designed to provide low glare lighting to stair treads and corridors. It is a versatile product and can also be used upside down at a high level to become an uplight.

Visit our corridors and stairs project showcase, for more inspiration on how to use steplights.