An LED Survivors Guide at Decorex

17 / 09 / 2015

Decorex; led

If you are thinking of attending Decorex on Monday 21st September for one of their trade days, why not listen to our Associate Designer Luke Thomas discuss LEDs in his talk entitled ‘An LED Survivors Guide’.

It is true that the world of LED lighting is accelerating fast and it is difficult to keep up in this ever changing technological age! Here is your chance to equip yourself with some essential tips on lighting in the LED era. Luke will review the changes, fittings, fixtures and the impact of new technology on today’s lighting schemes.

Topics include:

  • Where to illuminate?
  • What light for which job?
  • What colour of light do we use?
  • Where do we position the lighting source?
  • How do we select the correct type of source?
  • How do we control the source?

The talk commences at 10am.  Do visit the Decorex website for full details.