New Odsey Switch Plates

27 / 05 / 2020

odsey 7 button discreet plate

Have you had difficulty finding an elegant switch plate for use with control systems?  Look no further than our new Odsey switch plate range. The luxury plates work with most control systems giving you an elegant solution working perfectly in high-end projects.

Why you will like them:

  • The plates are screwless plates with no visible fixing system.
  • You can uniquely put up to 8 inputs on a single Square 85mm x 85mm faceplate and up to 4 inputs on a single 85mm x 42.5mm Architrave plate.
  • An exclusive magnetic mounting system allows easy placement and replacement.

metallic odsey switch plate range

The Range

The metallic products come in Brass, Bronze and Chrome. They mount to the backbox magnetically- a feature unique to Odsey. Finishes can be mixed and matched between faceplates and button/toggles to suit your interior.

invisible discreet odsey range

The invisible Discreet range is held to the wall by unique locknuts allowing the plates to remain flush without visible installation features.

All come with either toggles or buttons or a combination of the two.

The Sizes

Two sizes of plates are available – Architrave (42.5mm x 85mm) and Square (85mm x 85mm)

Custom Engraving

Plates can be engraved to suit your requirements. Do call for details of lead times and costings.

Magnetic Mounting

We have developed a unique magnetic mounting system, ensuring easy placement and replacement, and all without visible screws passing through the faceplate. The system is rated to withstand forces over 10N as per British Standards, ensuring no accidental removal. A small slot on the rear of the faceplate allows removal with a tool when required.

Range of odsey switch platesin situ


The backbox has been developed to be as versatile as possible for use in both solid and hollow walls.

For solid walls, the rear face of the backbox has slot details allowing for fixing screws and minor adjustments. For hollow walls, fold-out tabs extend out within the cavity to compress the wall against the front face of the backbox, securing it in place. This detail is then concealed within the faceplate when installed ensuring a flush fit. Back boxes are designed to be installed once all surface preparation is complete.


The Odsey Switch plate range is compatible for use with a wide range of commonly used control systems. The plates can be used to control peripherals such as blinds, extractor fans and air conditioning.

View and download the brochure, see the full range of Odsey switch plates or complete the form below to be contacted with more information.