Majestic Trees Competition

09 / 07 / 2012

Majestic Trees, a nursery which sells the finest semi-mature and mature trees in St Albans, has just opened its new show garden, which has been lit by John Cullen. The garden was designed by Helen Thomas, who won a garden design competition for students of Capel Manor College.

The lighting scheme included the following:-

  • Starlighters hanging in the trees add sparkle to the trees either side of the seating area
  • Three Pond Lights uplight the water feature and curved paddle stone wall
  • 1w LED Oslos wash light over the steps
  • The planting is lit with a a combination of 1w Kews and 1w Hamptons

Do visit the showroom to see the latest lighting products in action or to book an appointment with one of our designers, call the Design Secretary on 020 7371 5400.

Lighting and waterfall control – Light Symphony

Garden lighting installation:  Extrelec