How to Light a Kitchen in Home Building & Renovating

06 / 10 / 2017

Are you wondering how to light a kitchen? So often kitchen lighting is an afterthought, but if planned and designed well, a lighting scheme can transform your space completely. Rebecca Hutchison shares some simple yet important tips with Daisy Jeffery from Home Building & Renovating.

How to Light a Kitchen Nov17 Homebuilding and Renovating Mag_Page_1Our lighting designer advises:

“Consider the  colour of your kitchen lighting”

“The most common mistake is to puncture the ceiling with too many downlights”

“It is worth noting that if this [your lighting] is provided and installed by your kitchen supplier, you might not have the same colour of light as the rest of the lighting in the room”

”So how can I transform MY kitchen?” – you will ask. Read the full article here to find out or read more of our kitchen lighting tips and ideas.

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