Lighting Design Service Case Study


Designing the perfect lighting scheme is an art.

Lighting can truly transform a room and this case study shows how to achieve the perfect lighting scheme.

In November 2014, Sian Parsons, a Senior Designer, met a client who was renovating a South London Victorian Terrace. The design was discussed for all areas, with particular emphasis on the open plan kitchen/dining/living and a ‘wow’ factor to the entrance hall.

Detailed design: The first stage of the lighting design was to send detailed drawings (as below), specification, installation guides, quotation, letter, Part L Building compliance chart and mood boards (examples below) to the client.

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Site visits/detailed design coordination: A walk through of the site was needed in January 2015 to review the progress on site and additional lighting areas were added and confirmed. These changes included:

  • Lighting to the front door
  • Amended the stair lighting to match the chosen skirting
  • Make tweaks to the kitchen lighting based on the latest layout
  • Amended the master bedroom lighting to the new wardrobe design

The lighting scheme and design pack were updated to reflect all of the amendments.

Product delivery stage: First fix items were delivered during Summer 2015 whilst the project was still in the early stages of the renovation. As the build progressed, small changes to the interior design necessitated tweaks to the lighting scheme, with second fix items were delivered on site during the Autumn/Winter of 2015.

Commissioning stage: Commissioning can take place straight after the lighting equipment and interior furnishings have been installed or even up to a year depending on the project and client. On this project commissioning took place in the Summer of 2016 by Sian and our newest designer, Jason Panayotou. During this visit, lights positioned were adjusted to take full advantage of the interior and the Grafik Eyes in the kitchen and dining room were scene set whilst the Polespring LED was titled across the whole house.


As you can see from the below images, a room can be transformed just by different lighting scenes.

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Kitchen Lighting:

The client wanted the traditional kitchen lighting scheme that consisted of a day scene, task lighting and night scene. However they also wanted it to be an entertaining space, thus coloured LEDs were included in the scheme for more of a party scene.


Living Room Lighting:

The client did not want to add table lamps in the living room and to keep downlights to a minimum, thus we added the Torino LED Uplight which you can see gives the window a glow and creates a subtle background light.


Bedroom and Bathroom Lighting:


Cupboard and Shelving Lighting:


Entrance and Stair Lighting:


All lighting design projects are different. Sometimes we work on a project for a couple of months whilst larger schemes can take several years.

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