6 Lighting Design Tricks Before The Clocks Go Back


Are you ready for the clocks to go back this weekend? Lighting can really affect our mood, especially during the winter season. Do you feel SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) whenever the clocks go back and the evenings become longer? Chances are your home is lacking good lighting. Brighten up your home before the clocks go back with a few lighting tricks to make it cosy and welcoming all year long.

1. Let the light guide you home

Entrance London Residence John Cullen Lighting Clocks go back

Great lighting at the front of your house not only provides a warm welcome for guests, but will also ensure that you can see to put your key in the lock. For a townhouse, adding an element of uplight around the door creates a welcoming effect. If you have more space around your entrance, a lantern either side of the door adds visual impact or add an over-scaled hanging lantern if there is a porch.

2. Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary

high ceiling bedroom with uplight above cupboards Clocks go back

Light helps regulate how you sleep. Bedroom lighting should be bright in the morning and intimate and atmospheric at night to provide a relaxing sanctuary at the end of the day. For the day add an LED strip above your cupboards to add reflected light for added brightness.
In the evening, try using soft light touches such as pointing your downlights towards wardrobes and curtains. Always consider lamps for a soft local lighting by the bedside and on a dressing table. You can also incorporate your lighting into a joinery which is a perfect way to add feature lighting into the room.

3. Light up your kitchen

view across kitchen island to lit dining table

It is essential that you have good task lighting in your kitchen to ensure you have enough light to cook. Think about adding downlights where you need them rather than in a grid. Use them to light the kitchen island or to reflect light off cupboards onto the work top below. You may also want to consider layering the light across your kitchen. Use low level LEDs into the kick plinth of your units or central island to provide a gentle wash of light across the floor. If an island unit is on legs, you can create the impression it is floating by using LED strip underneath it.

4. Bring the outdoors in

Kitchen Lighting Avoid the effect of a fish bowl by John Cullen Lighting

With so much glass in our modern kitchens, they can feel like living in a gold fish bowl in winter. By simply lighting your garden or patio outside however small you can extend the feeling of space by drawing the eye outside. A few spiked garden fittings such as our 1w Kew spotlight or Hampton floodlight positioned in planting, pots or window boxes is all that is needed bring the outside in and stop reflections.

5. Highlight the scary areas

Highlight the scary stairs by John Cullen Lighting

With longer evenings, you notice more the dark “scary” areas of your home such as under your stairs or dark corners. A simple way to alleviate this is to plug in a freestanding Square Highlight which will not only add depth but also interest to the space.

6. Add to your feeling of hygge

Living room feeling hygge by John Cullen Lighting

When you’re curling up on your sofa in the evenings, add to your feeling of hygge with some warming shelf lighting. Consider front and back lighting your shelves with Contour HD24 to add depth, illuminate and accentuate your books and precious objects. A lit joinery serves as a wonderful source of light in in the evening, creating an illusion of having an extra window in the room. Consider also adding an element of uplight to your fire surround. Square Highlights can be simply plugged in to provide light to the fireplace even when the fire is not lit.