Frequently asked questions

  • Who can I contact if we have any installation queries?

    Our sales team are able to help with most queries however our technical team are on hand also to further assist.

    Please contact our customer service centre on 020 7371 9000 for any queries that you may have.

  • Do you carry out contractor training?

    Yes, we run a John Cullen Lighting approved contractor scheme in which contractors attend our customer service centre in Bagley’s Lane London to carry out product training and installation guidelines along with Q&A sessions.

    Successful contractors are then added to our list of approved contractors that we recommend to clients.

    For more information contact our customer service centre on 020 7371 9000.

  • Do you carry out site visits?

    Yes, we can provide a site attendance form to clients which requires filling out before attendance.

    The call out rates are defined in this document and the visit lead times vary from within the same week to two weeks advanced notice depending on current workloads.

    Customers who hold a Service Level Agreement ‘LuxCare Package’ with John Cullen Lighting directly should state this and will be given a priority call out response.

  • How far can I install my driver from the fitting?

    Governed by the driver manufacturers’ guidelines, we suggest up to 10 meters max. Should your drivers require placement further than this, your electrical contractor will need to work out the potential voltage drop that may occur on the type and size of cable installed to ensure that it matches the parameters of the driver such as forward voltages and wattage.

    In some instances, it is possible for the cable installed to be of a larger diameter to allow for a greater voltage drop within the driver parameters.

  • Can the control be integrated into other systems?

    All controls systems can be integrated into 3rd party controls systems (Crestron, Control 4 etc.).

    Our controls team will provide your systems integrator with the necessary information they require to make this happen.

  • Do you install control systems?

    All mains voltage and dimming control connections are to be installed by an approved electrical contractor with our controls team carrying out the setup of the system. We work closely in hand with contractors providing all necessary documentation, site visits and support.

    We can also arrange in house contractor training with our Demo Panels to ensure clarity all round.

  • What is the cable thickness on long runs?

    Making sure you get the right cable thickness is the responsibility of the installer. Cable thickness must be calculated to avoid voltage drop. Calculations and cable tables can be found within the latest edition of the IEE wiring regulations.

  • How far do I need to remove insulation from the fittings and transformers?

    Most fittings require insulation to be removed from the drivers and fittings. Please check with the installation sheets for the specific product.

  • What does a transformer do?

    A transformer reduces the voltage from 240v to 12v. A traditional coil or toroidal transformer works very well for whole circuits of low voltage fittings, or for outside use. Electronic transformers are small enough to use per fitting and hide easily in most ceiling recesses.

  • How much recess depth do I need?

    Most JCL recessed downlight fittings require a ceiling recess depth of 120mm minimum. This allows room for the movement of directional fittings, and allows a good airspace around the back of the fitting for air ventilation and fireboxing if necessary and allows for easy installation of a transformer. Our collection of wall and floor recessed fittings have individual recess depth requirements – please refer to the specific detailed product information available.

  • How easy is it to change the lamp?

    Several of our fittings, use a unique concealed ceiling ring for easy lamp changing. These ceiling rings stay permanently in place in your ceiling and there are no long coils of metal to manoeuver. When the lamp needs changing you just pull gently on the bezel of the fitting and the central lamp holding part of the fitting will move. This also enables you to change lenses very easily without damaging your ceiling. This ring works well with a more delicate lath and plaster ceiling and a description of installation is provided on a Specification Sheet.

  • Where can I find an electrician?

    We do not employ electricians directly to install your lighting scheme. If you require an electrician, local government websites recommend the following organisations who run registration schemes for competent electricians.

    Recommendations from friends and family can be helpful. We can also supply a list of electricians which we can recommend for certain areas.