Frequently asked questions

  • Can I return my products if they are no longer required – Returned Material Authorisation (RMA)?

    It is possible to return products, but this will need to be arranged prior with your current sales person before any goods are shipped back to us.

    The sales person will issue you with a Returned Material Authorisation (RMA) form along with an RMA number to fill out and return via email.

    Once you have received the RMA number and have agreed on the terms with your John Cullen representative, the goods can now be sent back with the completed form attached to the sales person’s attention.

    This will enable us to track the status of the RMA all times.

  • How do I check the status of my order?

    Order status can be checked via the Customer Service Centre on 020 7371 9000.

  • How long will my order take?

    Orders may vary due to stock holding of particular products, it is always best to enquire with the Customer Service Centre for an estimated delivery time.

  • Where can I collect my goods?

    Goods can be collected from our Customer Service Centre in the UK:
    John Cullen Lighting, Unit 24, Talina Centre, Bagley’s Lane, London SW6 2BW

    UK customers only