Committed 100% to Intelligent LED lighting!

With an exciting new year ahead John Cullen Lighting are delighted to further accelerate our Product Development to meeting the needs of the rapidly growing LED lighting market.

Everywhere one looks it is clearly evident that the LED technology is replacing the more traditional lighting technologies such as Halogen. Additionally the market need for intelligent lighting solutions is boosting this growth trend even faster. Commonly used words like “Smart lighting” and “Internet of Things” are examples of this upcoming trend. Among all this excitement we need to ensure that we stay focused in understanding the true benefit of intelligent lighting. John Cullen Lighting therefore uses their 30 years in-house Lighting Design experience to provide best-in-class quality, innovative and energy efficient lighting LED solutions for the Luxury Lighting market.

We provide strong design and manufacturing services within the United Kingdom and are expanding further as opportunities grow.

In this LED technology transition John Cullen Lighting are committed sharing our LED lighting competences with all our clients and business partners through a series of Master Classes & CPD trainings.

Stay tuned for many exciting new Product launches and Value-add Services in 2015.
John Cullen Lighting – Inspiring with Light!

Peter van der Kolk

Chief Executive Officer