Rako Combined

The ability to combine Rako wireless and wired systems provides a unique solution for installers and end-users alike. This amazing flexibility gives a remarkable choice in installation methods allowing the creation of a network of components that interact and work seamlessly together.

Projects started as completely wired systems have the fall-back position that the addition of wireless modules and wall-plates allows, giving the ‘get out of jail free card’ for when the job doesn’t quite go to plan, or when system expansion is required, after cabling is complete. Some projects may just suit the combined approach such as where a new build or extension is added to an existing building and a lighting control system is required in both parts.

The Rako Bridge used to combine the wireless and wired systems also allows complete control from a smartphone or tablet and can provide remote access to the network from a PC or Mac. Addition of the ACM audio control module will enable control of a third party audio system from the combined lighting and audio wall-plates.

The whole palette of Rako products and the ability to ‘combine’ allows project designers to plan the best possible solution for any project.

Customisation of the panel is available.

Contact our sales team for more information on the Rako Combined products.

Set-up and commissioning costs can be included in the price.

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