Lutron GRAFIK Eye 4000 Whole Building System

The GRAFIK Eye 4000 system can control the lighting in a variety of environments such as conference rooms, auditoriums, and retail spaces. In addition, the system can store numerous lighting presets and alternate between them with the touch of a button.

  • One-touch Control - A single button allows users to cycle through lighting scenes, providing an effortless transition from a lecture to a video presentation.
  • Flexibility - In addition to indoor lighting, GRAFIK Eye 4000 can control exterior lights and shading systems. The system can also be set with a remote control, allowing users to cycle between lighting scenes from across a room.
  • Automation - GRAFIK Eye 4000 can be paired with occupancy and daylight sensors that automatically adjust lights and lower blinds according to a room’s lighting needs.

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Set-up and commissioning costs can be included in the price.

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