50mm Tungsten Halogen Dichroic Energy Saver

It is a false economy to fit inferior quality lamps. The lamp lives quoted are for reputable high quality lamps which really do last for many years. It is also good practice not to fit lamps until major building work is completed. It is the light fitting and correct beam width of the lamp that produces any particular effect.

35w lamp equivalent to 50w output; 50w equivalent to 65w output.

Average Life 5000 Hours

Source type:

Tungsten halogen

Lamp cap:




Product Information

Code Loading Input Output Note
FRB/IRC 12v 35w 12°
FRA/IRC 12v 35w 24°
FMW/IRC 12v 35w 40°
EXT/IRC 12v 50w 10°
EXZ/IRC 12v 50w 24°
EXN/IRC 12v 50w 38
FNV/IRC 12v 50w 55°

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