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The LED Torino is an interior and exterior uplight which can be used to create uplighting effects to columns, arches, walls etc. Particularly suitable for skimming light over stone or wooden steps. Suitable for areas of light pedestrian traffic and marine lighting.  It also can be used in wet environments such as a bathroom.

Beware of cheap imitations – only John Cullen light fittings are made by John Cullen.

For a smaller LED uplight, see the Lucca or Luccini.

Our Minos Spotlight uses a deep black baffle in order to reduce glare. This fitting is ideal for use in areas such as living areas, hallways, kitchens and dining rooms, as well as other key areas of the home and is perfect for use on beams and concrete ceilings where recessed fittings are unsuitable. The Minos spotlight can be angled up to 90 degrees and also rotated a full 360 degrees.

The spotlight comes in a variety of finishes, these include; white, black, bronze, aluminium and RAL match.

For inspiration with spotlights, please see our project showcase. Visit our showroom for a demonstration and details of our lighting design service.

Pin spot and very narrow beams possible. Ideal for creating impact in a double height space. Option for surface mounted (sax point), recessed (dax point) or semi recessed (jack point).

This fully concealed halogen projector is mains dimmable and can be used to frame paintings or objects of any shape exactly.

A traditional styled incandescent light fitting with an antique brass paint finish which is suitable for lighting artwork.

Features a unique masking system to control light cut-off at the top of picture.

This adjustable halogen IP rated fitting can be used for an up or down light effect.

Suitable for walls, posts, trellis and either side of entrances.

Twin and tree strap versions are available.

The wall downlight is a fixed position halogen IP rated wall light suitable for lighting walls, posts, trellis and either side of entrances.

All purpose wall-mounted halogen downlight.

This halogen exterior fitting provides shafts of light both up and down.

It can be positioned on walls, posts, trellises and either side of entrances.

The Mesh Halogen Wall Light fitting provides a warm patterned uplight from the mesh glass top and a shaft of downlight.

May be positioned on walls, posts, trellises and either side of entrances.

This surface-mounted tungsten halogen fitting is suitable for lighting plants or sculptures and spotlighting onto tables from trees or buildings.

This miniature all purpose wall-mounted downlight with an integral transformer is supplied complete with low glare honeycomb louvre.

Our ceiling mounted halogen light provides a uniform, shadowless light with magical effect when dimmed.

Ideal in the upstand of glazed roof lanterns or conservatories for sparkle at night. Also suitable for mirror lighting.

This underwater light is specifically designed for use in water with high salt water and chlorine content.

Particularly suitable for use in swimming pools.

This metal halide exterior spotlight is an  excellent uplight for mature trees and a range  of similar applications.

This exterior spotlight is an excellent uplight for mature trees and similar applications.

This adjustable pond light halogen spotlight is suitable for use in smaller natural water features.

This indicator light is suitable for gardens, driveways and paths.

The lens reflects light at two angles, directly onto the ground and horizontally, to illuminate its surroundings.

The Lightstream 230V is a halogen mains voltage low heat flexible linear light which is suitable for bespoke cabinetry, low heat shelf lighting and cornice lighting.

Available in a variety of colours.

Our Lightstream is a halogen low heat flexible linear light suitable for bespoke cabinetry, low heat shelf lighting and cornice lighting.